950 JDJ
("Parent Cartridge")
20mm Cannon
This huge monolith of a cartridge was developed in 1996 by J.D. Jones
with SKS Industies making a few rifles which weighed over 100 pounds.
The cartridge is based on the 20mm Vulcan case shortened and bottle-necked
to .95" diameter and is no longer in production by JDJ.
This used to be a proprietary cartridge, but now should be considered
a wildcat cartridge.
The cartridges for sale are custom made from 20 Vulcan cases and
the finished cartridge is over 5" in overall length, no powder, and
an old fired spent electric primer.
The head-stamp reads .950 JDJ, and the projectiles are made from
solid brass  (left projectile) or solid aluminum (right projectile);
your choice
They can be shipped with live ammunition, or mailed by themselves,
as they are inert.
950 JDJ
950 JDJ with Solid Aluminum
projectile: $49.95 per Cartridge
950 JDJ with Solid Brass
projectile: $ 59.95 per Cartridge