Limit One Cartridgeper
Customer, $ 4.75 per Cartridge
375 SuperMag
("Parent Cartridge")
375 Winchester Magnum
375 SuperMag
In the 1970's the late Elgin Gates decided to designed a series of new
Magnum cartridges. All the new cartridges were dubbed SuperMags
by Gates and were 1.610" in  length, or about three-tenths of an inch
longer than standard Magnum Cartridges.  Mr. Gates made up
cartridges in .357, .375, .44, .45, .50, and .60 caliber.
In the 1980s  with the help of Eligan Gates,  Dan Wesson Arms
produced SuperMag revolvers in .357, .375, and .445.
The second in the SuperMag series, the .375 Super Mag., like its
smaller counterpart the 357 Super Mag. is 1.610" in length and
cartridges originally had to be made from .375
Winchester or .30-30 Winchester brass, cut to length and filed in a
trim die. This is factory made .375 Super Mag. brass but the .375
Super Mag has never been offered as a factory loaded ammunition.
375 S.M.