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Straight Short
("Parent Cartridge")
.223 or 5.56 NATO
The 338-223 Straight was introduced
by Max Atchisson of Atlanta,
Georgia in 1972.
It was intended as the cartridge for a
blow-back semi-auto rifle he designed.
The first version was a completely
blown out .223 case and had a 2.54"
overall length; however, split cases
(on the original neck) became a
problem, leading to the short version.
This is the second verision, or short
version made by cutting off
the .223 case at the shoulder and
trimming it to 1.412 inches.
With a 200 grain .338 projectile at
a muzzle velocity of 1,820 F.P.S.
it has 1,880 foot pounds of energy,
about 600 more foot pounds
than a 30 carbine.
These specimans are live and have
a  Magtech primer with an "O" on it.
Straight Short
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