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270 Ren
("Parent Cartridge")
22 Hornet
The 270 REN was introduced to Wildcat
Shooters in 1985 by Charlie Rensing and
Jim Rock, as a great Silhouette Competition
It is made by widing the mouth of a.22"
Hornet case to accept .270" caliber
projectiles, then fireforming the cartridge to
the staight
case by firing it in a custom barrel.
Then cleaning the cartridge, resizing the
cartridge, and reloading it to the finshed
270 REN  product.
So needless to say this is an expensive
cartridge to make as you have to go thought
2 projectiles and 2 loading to come up with
the finshed product. It is not just a resized 22
Hornet case loaded with .270" Caliber
270 REN
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