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loaded with a 35 grain Jacketed Hollow Point Projectile. One Cartridge, 25 N.A.A. ,Pistol
One Cartridge,8mm Rast-Gasser, Pistol One Cartridge,8mm Rast-Gasser, Pistol Current
113 grain FMJ, Fiochhi. Newly Made, One Cartridge, 8mm Roth-Steyr, 113 grain FMJ, Fiochhi.
One Cartridge,9mm Luger,Winchester, FMJ One Cartridge,9mm Luger,Winchester, FMJ, Pistol ,Current
One Cartridge 9mm Luger,Pistol, Plastic Ball One Cartridge 9mmLuger, SwedishTraining,Pistol
One Cartridge, 9x17mm Kurz, Pistol One Cartridge, 9x17mm Kurz, Pistol Current
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