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Shot Shell

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310 Skeet Rim-Fire Cartridges Remington, 25 Cartridge, 310 Skeet Rim-Fire Cartridges
310 Skeet Rim-Fire Cartridge Remington, One Cartridge, 310 Skeet Rim-Fire Cartridge
1 box each: #8 shot, #9 shot, #10 Shot, 150 rounds total UMAREX , 3 boxes of 50 rounds: 3 Boxes: 8 shot, 9 shot, 10 Shot, 150 rounds total
50 Cartridges: 9mm Shot Shell, No. 10 Shot UMAREX Brand made by FIOCCHI of Italy, one box of 50 Cartridges: 9mm Shot Shell, No. 10 Shot
3 &1/2" # 7 Shot Federal Turkey Load, One 10 Gauge shot shell, not the box 3&1/2" # 7 Shot
3&1/2" # 2 steel Shot Remington, One 10 Gauge shot shell, not the box, 3&1/2" # 2 steel Shot
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