.17 Cal. "Incinerator"
("Parent Cartridge")
50 Cal. BMG
Wildcat lovers have always wanted
a 50 BMG or 50 Caliber Brown Machine
Gun, necked down to .17 Caliber
however, it takes a lot of work and
expensive dies & machinery.
Well here it is!
.50 Cal. (.5" or .17") BMG
necked down to 17 Cal or (.17").  
No it isn't live, it is a dummy cartridge,
and the work is excellent, and it will get
you a lot of "What's that" from your friends.
                       ".17 Incinerator"(.50 cal.BMG to .17"cal.)
In the picture on the right, 50 BMG,
50BMG/17WC wildcat , show size comparion.