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By: Patrick Sweeney
                     312(8-½"x 11") Pages
                            500 B&W Photos
Smith & Wesson is one of the world’s
most recognizable and innovative gun
manufacturers. Today’s active shooters,
gunsmiths and collectors have a particular
interest in the guns that have been used by
nearly every major law and military agency in
the world. This definitive resource reviews Smith
& Wesson handguns on a model-by-model basis,
giving enthusiasts a brief history, a review of
technical specifications, and a report on test
shooting and performance for each.
The book covers all categories of Smith &
Wesson arms, including revolvers, automatic
pistols and long guns. A special chapter gives
readers a tour of the Smith & Wesson factory
and corporation, and other features include a
look at competition uses, Smith & Wesson
rarities, and use of the weapons in law
Includes technical specifications, brief histories,
and test reports for each model
Covers all categories of Smith & Wesson guns
Special chapters look at the Smith & Wesson
factory, as well as uses in both competition and
law enforcement
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Book 071
Book 071
Smith & Wesson           
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