The SKS Carbine
3rd. Revised & Expanded
Steve Kehaya
                &  Joe Poyer
200 ( 5.5" x8.5" ) Pages
A complete analysis of the Communist Bloc's "MI Carbine" during
the Cold War years. The first detailed study of this fine, collectible
carbine in fifteen years. Every part analyzed to tell you how to
determine its country of origin and whether or not it is compatible
between SKS carbines of other nation's manufacture.
The first thorough study of this famed Soviet-designed shoulder
arm, which, with the AK47, armed hundreds of thousands of
"National Liberation Front" fighters from Vietnam to Angola.
Manufactured in six countries, total production ran into the tens
of millions. Between 1986 and 1995, neuly 1,000,000 Russian, East
German, Chinese, North Vietnamese, North Korean and Yugoslav
SKS Carbines were imported into the United States. The SKS Carbine
on a part-by-part basis so that you will know which parts are original,
in which country they were produced and which parts are
interchangeable, and which are not. Since the vast majority of
SKS Carbines in the U.S. are military surplus, you will learn how
to examine and select an SKS Carbine; also complete
assembly/disassembly instructions, how to manufacture most parts
if you cannot find a commercial source, and ammunition
characteristics and ballistic infomation.
This is  SKS Carbine  new 3rd. revised and expanded
edition including brand new information regarding the
Romanian SKS Carbine!
Kept secret for many years, in 1998 the Romanian Government
released the first information on the approximately 450,000 SKS
Carbines built at Cugir arsenal in the late 1950s and very early 1960s.
The Romanian SKS Carbine had heretofore been unknown in the
west, even to intelligence sources.
In 1998, Steve Kehaya, the co-author of "The SKS Carbine"
was meeting with Romanian defense officials when he was told
that theSKS carbine had been declassified and was being
deleted from their inventory.
Returning to the United States, he organized a letter writing
campaign to have the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
declare the Romanian SKS Carbine a collectors item so that it
could be imported into the United States. These very fine and
interesting Romanian SKS Carbines are completely described in
the 2nd edition of "The SKS Carbine." Those parts that are
interchangeable with either Russian or Chinese SKS carbines are
noted, as are those parts which are unique to the Romanian models.
Also included are factory codes and serial
number listings by year.
At the same time, an expanded list of factory codes for Chinese
SKS carbines was made available to the authors by collector
Howard Bearse. That information and more has also been included
in the 2nd edition of the SKS Carbine including a revised
serial number dating procedure.
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