Enjoy the low recoil of a .22 caliber bullet
fired from your .30 caliber rifle.
Get speed to over 4,000 feet per Second!
No special dies needed.
Use your regular (30 caliber) dies!
You will receive printed
loading data information for :
.30-06, .30-.30, .308, .30 Remington,
.300 & .303 Savage, .30/.40 Krag,
.300 H&H, .300 Norma Magnum,
.30 Carbine, .300 Win. Magnum,
.300 Weatherby. You can estimate
for other calibers, but start low!
Dave Call,  A Call to Arms,  23 Chelsea Drive, Standish, Maine 04084
or phone us, Monday / Friday, 8:00 AM / 5:00 PM, EST at 1-207-648-4087
e-mail us: info@ammo-one.com
"Bullet to Sabot" Die Tool

Sabots are only the plastic that holds the bullet,
for loading yourself, not loaded ammunition!
If you wish to order sabots & /or the sabot tool to ship with ammunition, you
must place two orders,( 1 ammunition ) order & (1 sabot) order and in the comments
on the sabot order, just write, ship with ammunition order.
250 Sabots    $ 39.95
500 Sabots    $ 74.95
1,000 Sabots $ 139.95
INSURANCE, shipped
by Priority Mail $ 4.95
Insurance is by the U.S. Postal Service, not us.
The U.S. Postal Service can take up to 5 months
to refund your cost.
If you want insured by us, please e-mail us and we
can send you a special cart to ship by FedEx
Ground, insured by us for $15.00 shipping cost.
see note below
Shipped with Sabots,
By Mail not by itself
ship with sabots
30 Caliber to 22 Caliber Sabots,
and (bullet to sabot) Die Tool
Prices Delivered in U.S.A. ONLY!
Sabots only!  No ammo!
By Priority Mail
with tracking number,
Shipping is
NOT Insured! To insure
use the last (Add to Cart)
If your only doing a few ,you will
not need this tool, if doing a lot
you may want it.
Saved on the fingers.

Sabots shipped with other
ammunition items on other
web-pages by UPS
The prices are lower, however
$14.95 is added on the cart for UPS
shipping cost and insured.
250 Sabots    $ 35.95
500 Sabots    $ 69.95
1,000 Sabots $ 134.95
Prices Delivered in U.S.A.
shipping with ammunition by UPS
The prices are lower,
however $14.95 is added on the
cart for UPS shipping cost.
Shipped with ammunition
and sabots by UPS