Teddy Roosevelt Limited Edition
Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt 150-Year Anniversary ammunition cartridges .
The late President Teddy Roosevelt's legacy as a hero and sportsman is carried
on by Winchester Ammunition in 2008.
During his tenure in the White House from 1901 to 1909, he designated
150 National Forests, the first 51 Federal Bird Reservations, 5 National Parks,
the first 18 National Monuments, the first 4 National Game Preserves,
and the first 21 Reclamation Projects.
Winchester Ammunition commemorates Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt's
"150th. Birthday" (born on October 27, 1858) with a limited edition collector's
series of ammunition.
The Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt limited edition cartridges are available
in the three most popular calibers of the early 1900s:
405 Winchester: used extensively on his famous African safari of 1909-1910.
30-30 Winchester: the famous long-time deer hunting favorite.
45 Colt: The 1893 U.S. Army cartridge, and great hunting caliber.
The Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt limited edition cartridges features nickel-plated
cases, a specialty designed Roosevelt head stamp.
Teddy Roosevelt Combo
One 405, One 30-30, One 45 Colt
No singles or boxes
currently available
$ 19.95 per three
Cartridge Assortment
Limit One assortment or combo
per customer
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