Limited Edition Remington
(22 cal.) Christmas Tins (22 Cal.)
Remington has been producing "Special Edition 22 cal. Tins"
for a long time.
This is a line of 6  diferent Christmas Tins that started in 2002 with
the square "Rabbit" Tin, and has been continued every year with a
different tin as far as 2007.
We are currently out of stock on the above tin boxes. We are looking to Buy.
If you have these tins in the original wrapper, unopened and no dents, we may buy them from you.
As a business for over 13 years, we can no longer pay before shipping as we have lost to much
money from a few dishonest persons who kept our money and never shipped the items.
We pay the same day we receive the items and inspect them.
If you are willing to meet our terms e-mail us a picture, and an asking price to the
below e-mail address, please title your e-mail " ammo for sale"