Remington Accelerators
30-30, 308, 30-06, Now Obsolete
Remington introduced the Accelerator in 3 calibers: 30-30, 308, 30-06, in 1977.
As you can see by the pictures, these are not new calibers, just a special loading using a sabot that
enables a .22" diameter projectile to be discharged from a .30" diameter barrel.
(22 Caliber fired from .30 Caliber) .
Reports of velocities of more than  4,000 feet per second are more than possible, as the sabot drops off
right at the barrel opening, leaving the small .22 projectile to speed on its way.   
Due to the Democrats anti-gun issues, as no rifling marks are on the 22 projectile that is fired from the firearm,
Remington yielded to government pressure and stopped making the accelerators in 308 (7.62 NATO)
& 30-06 as theyare fired in military semi-auto and fully auto rifles.
The 30-30 & 30-06 accelerator may still be produced, as the 30-30  is a rimmed cartridge not used in
semi-auto, or fully auto weapons, and the government believes the 30-30 is less apt to be used in a crime.
You can buy the sabots and load your own 30-06 or 308, no laws against it, but I am not sure it will work that well
in a semi-auto firearm.
Remington used two sabots
in the accelerators, a translucent and a light gray color.
Available for sale as a
collectible are the 3 shown  here:  30-06,  30-30 and
308 in light gray.
Not clear as in picture
on the 30-06, light gray.
30-30 Accelerator, $5.95 / cartridge
all  3 Cartridges; 30-30, 308, 30-06
for $16.95, save $3.00
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308 Accelerator, $6.95 / Cartridge
30-06 Accelerator, $6.95 per Cartridge
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