Prime Ammuniton Company Cartridges
Prime Ammunition Company was founded in 2013, and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below is from
their web-site.
At PRIME Ammunition we believe that with great freedom, comes great responsibility and our
Constitutional Rights can only be fully realized if we are able to put the right bullet, in the right place,
at the right time, for the right reason.  Subsequently, we have partnered with the world's leading manufacturer
of sporting and defense ammunition in order to provide our fellow Americans with the best products - when
they want them and at a price they can afford.
Our commitment to individual freedom is also encapsulated in our business model which eliminates barriers
between us and our customers so that we can deliver as much value to them as possible and have a direct
relationship with those who believe what we believe.  
PRIME Ammunition is created in the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the world using proprietary
designs, tailored powders, unique processes and evaluated to ensure that every round, across every lot, year after
year, consistently eliminates ammunition from the accuracy equation with the reliability upon which you can trust
your life.
Currently as of this day, 11/10/16, the
following cartridges are available with a
PRIME" head-stamp on the case;
9mm Luger
40 Smith& Wesson
45 Auto
.223 Remington
.260 Remington
.308 Winchester
6.5mm Creedmoor
The 12 gauge is "00" Buck Shot  with
Prime printed on the case, but not a
"PRIME" Head/Stamp.
  All 8 Cartridge assortment is
available on our new Web-Site!