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American, Canadian and a few other counties
Obsolete, Pistol Single Cartridges.
Cartridges no longer made by the major compainies
Remington, Winchester, Federal, Hornady etc.
Below metric measured calibers
22 Remington Jet
256 Winchester Magnum
32 Protector, Winchester
32 Colt, before 32 Short & Long Colt
Below inch measured calibers
7.63 (7.65) Mannlicher, Auto
7.65 Roth-Sauer, Winchester
7.65mm MAS, (French)
7.65(30) Borchardt, Remington
9mm Mauser, Auto
9.8mm Automatic Colt
10mm AMT, (not 10mm Auto)
10.4 Italian Ordnance Revolver
11mm French Ordnance Revolver
11mm German Service Revolver
11.75 Montenegrin Revolver
45 Auto, Short Peters, 1920 to ?
45 Colt Goverment, not 45 Colt
450 Magnum Express
450 Revolver, 450 Short Colt, 450 Adams,450 Corto
45 Webley