Peters & King
Today, Peters Cartridge and King Powder draw considerable interest
from serious collectors—boxes, calendars, powder kegs, and other
items left behind by the two companies regularly fetch hundreds and
even thousands of dollars at auction.
Few people know the fascinating story behind these now-departed
industrial powerhouses and why their products are so valuable today.
This new volume will be a priceless addition for collectors and
historians alike, tracing the evolution of Peters and King from frontier
powder mills to sophisticated munitions makers and providing current
values for collectible advertising and packaging items. A color section
displays and prices the most popular collectibles such as powder kegs,
tins, cartridge boxes, and calendars.
Discover how they helped shape the current arms industry and
shooting sports, and successfully created a loyal following that
continues today.
Follow the history of Peters Cartridge and King Powder
Contains current values for collectible product
packaging and promotional advertising premiums
Features a 32-page color section that depicts and prices their most
popular collectibles
List Price $44.49 (Sale less $20.00!)
by Thomas D. Schiffer
Huge 256
( 8-1/4 "x 10-7/8 ") Pages
200+ b&w photos
32-page color section
$ 24.49, Shipped with Ammunition
$ 24.49, plus $4.50 Shipped by itself