The Mosin-Nagant  Rifle,
3rd. Revised and
                   Expanded Edition
                                Terence W. Lapin
232 ( 5.5" x 8.5" ) Pages
The first book in English about the Mosin-Nagant, this is a
detailed (232 page) examination of this world-famous Russian
military rifle which is currently enjoying unprecedented collecting
popularity. And this book is sure to add to it.
Mr. Lapin is an attorney who had access to data banks in the
U.S. and foreign countries to assist him in gathering the
information contained in this book.  " The Mosin-Nagant Rifles "
examines each and every part and provides all dimensions,
markings, codes and changes in chronological order enabling a
collector to ascertain quickly where and when his Mosin-Nagant
rifle or carbine was made.
A complete and detailed history of the rifle's development
in Russia, Finland, the communist bloc nations and in the
United States, is included as are chapters dealing with carbines,
sniper rifles, accessories, bayonets, ammunition and an extensive
international list of codes and markings.
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