THE  M16 / AR15  Rifle
The M16 has been the nation's military rifle since 1964, longer than any
other military rifle. During those 36 years, it has been carried in combat and on
peace keeping missions by American, allied and friendly soldiers to every corner
of the world.
The civilian version, the AR15 rifle, has been manufactured in the hundreds
of thousands by more than a dozen different companies. It is the current
National Match Service Rifle and the most popular target match rifle
in use today.
The M16/AR15 Rifles by Joe Poyer provides a detailed examination
of this famous rifle in both its military and civilian versions. Following a
history of its development and the evolution of military tactics that guided
itsdesign, a comprehensive part-by-part examination of the rifle
is provided.
Markings and codes for military and civilian rifles and carbines are deciphered
and a six page table lists all models by all manufacturers currently in production,
with specific features.
For those interested in competition, three AR15s were custom-built; a
spacegun for long range bench rest matches, a service match rifle that complies
with all current OCM and NRA competition rules and a .22 rimfire AR15 rifle
that is not only amazingly accurate but is legal in California and other states
that ban large capacity magazine, centerfire, semiautomatic rifles. The design and
building process is thoroughly described for those wishing to build their own
match rifles.
The M16/AR15 rifle is the last military rifle that Americans will be allowed to
own. The M16's replacement, which incorporates a 20 mm grenade launcher, is
already well-advanced in testing and is due to be introduced by mid-decade. But
the AR15 rifle will remain the national match service rifle far into the
foreseeable future.
The book is illustrated with over three hundred photos and drawings,
is 8 x 10.5 inches in size, perfect bound and 134 pages in length.
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