The M14-Type Rifles
A Shooter's and
Collector's Guide,
2nd Edition    
         Joe Poyer
88 ( 8" x 10.5" ) Pages
High Power Match Shooting is attracting thousands of new shooters every year.
Interest in the sport is at its highest since the 1920s, reinvigorating a large and
expanding segment of the shooting sports market. And one of the most popular
rifles to use in this venue is the M14.
The 1968 Gun Control Act made it impossible for shooters and collectors to possess
a military surplus M14 rifle, except in limited circumstances. Because the national
Matches are shot with issue military rifles, this originally placed civilian shooters at
a great disadvantage with military participants. But the firearms industry responded
with M14-type rifles that are semiautomatic in function only and the Director of
Civilian Marksmanship and the National Rifle Association amended their rules to
allow the civilian, semiautomatic-only rifles to be used.
Today, several companies manufacture complete M14-type match rifles and several
more manufacture semiautomatic-only receivers and other parts that allow custom
gunsmiths around the nation to build semiautomatic M14-type match rifles, most
of which are capable of poducing less than one-minute of angle accuracy.
There were very few books available that described
the M 14-type rifle, and none that approached the rifle both as competition
and collector's firearms.
Published in large fomat and profusely illustrated with photographs and line drawings,
The M14-Type Rifles, A Shooter's and Collector's Guide. describes the lengthy
development of the M14 rifle as a military rifle, its transformation into a National
Match rifle by US Amy and Marine Corps gunsmiths and finally its development as a
civilian match rifle of unparalleled accuracy.
The book surveys the M14-type rifles produced by the major manufacturers,the
semiautomatic receivers available from several companies and provides heretofore
unknown details of the M14-type rifles produced by the People's  Republic of China
which were sold in the United States in the mid-1990s.
The book also discusses the attributes of the various semiautomatic receivers currently
being manufactured. Two M14-type rifles were built in the process of preparing this
book, one a service-grade rifle and the other a competition rifle and the procedures
are described in detail. Using this chapter as a springboard, the author then provides
a detailed explanation of what the reader needs to know  before commissioning a match
M14-type rifle from a custom gunsmith, or acquiring one of the completed rifles available
commercially - including the Chinese rifles. And for the do-it-younselfer, one section
even provides step-by-step instructions on fiberglass-bedding the M14-type rifle
stock for increased accuracy.
The book also includes a complete step-by-step assembly/disassembly sequence
accompanied by photographs, instructions on how to maintain, clean and repair a
match-quality M14-type rifle - and detailed instructions on shooting the rifle well.
This new 2nd Edition pevises and updates information on new manufacturers,
parts and accessories.
The M14-Type Rifles, is a large fomat book, 8 x 10.5, with a four
color cover, 88 pages and 80 photographs and line drawings.
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