7.21 (.284)  Firebird®            
The Lazzeroni Firebird cartridge
was designed in 1998 by necking
down the 7.62(.308") or (30 Cal.)
Warbird to a7.21mm or (.284")
or 7mm .
It is a heavy-duty, large-capacity
beltless case with an efficient
30 degree shoulder angle.
It is the fastest  7mm cartridge
made, with velocity, accuracy
and quality game taking energy
out to 1,000 yards.
The  120 grain .284 projectile
will top out at  3,950 Feet per
You can also get over 4,490 Foot
Pounds of  energy with a
175 grain projectile.
This is a custom loaded, inert
cartridge,which will appear live.
Projectiles may vary
$ 14.95 per Cartridge