.338-06 JDJ
$ 5.75 per
The 338-06 JDJ was developed from
the 30-06 or 35 Whelen by necking it up
to .338" caliber, with a 60 degree
shoulder angle, for a large projectile
and great powder capacity.
The 338-06JDJ was developed by
Mr. J.D. Jones of SSK Industries for
the Thompson/Center Contender single
shot pistol or rifle with a special 15"
SSK barrel.
These cartridges were produced by
Quality Cartridge Company, so they
are considered a proprietary cartridge
a wildcat cartridge, unless you make
your own by fire-forming or have
very expensive reloading equipment.
200 Grain Soft Point Projectile
See 338-06 JDJ vs 30-06 Springfield
in Pictures at left
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