Infantry Weapons  of    
    War II ,
by Jan Suermont
256 (12" x 9") PAGES
500 color photos, plus illus.

This new all-color reference provides engaging insights into the
main infantry weapons  of the five largest protagonists of World
War II—Germany, Japan, Russia, the United States, and Great
Britain, with particular attention to the actual roles these weapons
played in battlefield combat encounters. Comparing axis to allies
who had the upper hand, the fair (or unfair) advantage author
Jan Suermondt examines the physical details (and provides
current collector values) of over 150 “small arms,â€�  including
revolvers, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns,
mortars,  grenades, and mines.
Readers are introduced to the types of weapons used during
the war; how five years of war saw the needs and types of
weapons change; as well as the technological advances during
the period (paying particular attention to antitank weapons).
More than 500 photographs, including actual war images,
present a masterful visual iconography of some of the most
important weapons carried into combat—the U.S. Army’s
BAR, the British Ben, the German Schmeisser, and the
Russian Degtaryev DP/DPM.
Physical details include caliber, barrel length, weights, firing
mechanisms, ammunition, ranges, and rates of fire Includes
informational text identifying manufacturing details, service
history, and effectiveness
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