The pinfire cartridge was invented in 1823 by Casimir Lefaucheux in Paris, France, and patented in France in 1835.
His son, Eugene Lefaucheux, continued the development after his father's death, and took out a patent in
England in 1854.
In the pinfire system, a brass cartridge is used, in which the priming compound  (or primer) is located on the inside
of the case and is initiated by striking a small pin which protrudes radially from just above the base of the cartridge.
Please note in the below photos that the hammer comes down on the side of the case, not on the base of the case.
The pinfires were quicker and easier to load than the older percussion weapons, which had loose black powder,
percussion caps and bullet.
The pinfire became widespread, being adopted by the armies of France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and
other countries.
The pinfire system became obsolete around the mid-1860's, once reliable rimfire   and center fire cartridges
became available because these were quicker to load without a pin which needed aligning in the slot in the
chamber wall, and because they were safer as the protruding pin could cause the ammunition to accidently
detonate during rough handling.
Pinfire cartridges were made for revolver pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
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