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The History and Development
of  Small Arms
Ammunition ( Volume II )
Leather Bound !
1st edition!
by George Hoyem !
This book is the illustrated guide to the
centerfire black powder military rifle,
carbine, volley gun, and machine gun
cartridges and their firearms used and/or
developed by 29 nations and dominions of
the British Empire during the 19th century.
Over 600 specimens are photo illustrated
actual size and described along with 79
photos of the firearms that chambered them.
A capsule history of small arms/ammunition
development opens each nation's section. The
introduction illustrated and describes over 60
primitive centerfire centerfire cartridges and
some of the rare experimental firearms -
Pauley, Galey-Cazalet, Pottet, Blakewell,
Moses, Le Page, Volcanic, Morse, Meigs,
Winchester and others. The book is 303
pages, 8.5" x 11", Hard Bound Leather with
no dust jacket.
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