The History and Development
of  Small Arms
Ammunition ( Volume I )
8.5 x 11 inches, 262 total pages, hard bound with a
four color dust jacket or slipcase . 400 cartridges
photo illustrated for the flintlock musket,
percussion muzzle loader, smoothbore and rifled
breechloader, pin fire, needle fire, tube primed and
military rimfire worldwide.
170 firearms in photos and drawings that chambered
the cartridges from teh flintlock through the rim fire
machine gun -- U.S. Civil War carines, Swiss,
British, Russian, Italian, Prussian, Danish,
Norwegian, Swedish, French and Bavarian rifles,
carbines and volley guns.
Dimensions tables follow each category of
Appendix contains 55 box labels of American Civil
War rimfire cartridges. Appendix B illustrates in
color 121 primitive cartridges of Denmark, Prussia,
Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece,
Holland, Russia, United States, The Confederate
States of America, Spain, Sweden and Norway.
Appendix C lists 14
cartridge collecting associations and their
publications and the ten annual cartridge collector's
shows world wide. Bibliography and index. Guide to
current values
of over $60,000 worth of rare cartridges shown in
the book comes with it at no cost.
The deluxe, dust jacketed
edition bound in Bavarian
green leather-effect cloth is
$59.95 plus $4.50  shipped
by itself in the U.S.

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