5.6x33mm or Rmm, Rook &Tesching
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Sporting Cartridges
5.6x35Rmm Vierling (22 WCF in U.S.A.)
5.6x36Rmm (22 Hornet in U.S.A.)
5.6x50Rmm Magnum (Rimmed)
5.6x57mm RWS & 5.6x57Rmm RWS
5.6x61mm & 5.6x61Rmm Vom Hofe S. Ex.
6x57mm Mauser (6.2x57mm RWS)
6x58mm & 5x58Rmm Forester
6.5x27Rmm (6.5Rmm Ronezewski)
6.5x48Rmm Sauer
6.5x53Rmm Mannlicher (also Military)
6.5x52Rmm (25-35 Winchester in U.S.A.)
6x62mm & 6.62Rmm Freres
244 Halger Magnum
6x29.5Rmm Stahi (Rimmed)
6.5x40mm (Obsolete as of 1930)
6.5x58Rmm Sauer (Rimmed)
6.5x54 Mauser ( NOT 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser)
6.5x58Rmm Krag-Jorgensen (Rimmed)
6.5x58mm Portuguese Vergueire (Also Military)
6.5x61mm & 6.5x61Rmm Mauser
6.5x65mm & 6.5x65Rmm RWS
6.5x53.5mm Daudeteau (Semi-Rimmed)
6.5x68mm & 6.5x68Rmm RWS
7x33mm Sako, also called 7x33mm Finnish
7x66mm Vom Hote Super Express
7x73mm Von Hofe (Belted Case)
30R Blaser (Blaser Rifle Works &RWS) Rimmed
8x42Rmm (M-88)
          7x72Rmm (Rimmed)                 
7x75Rmm Von Hofe Super Express
8.15x46Rmm (Rimmed)
8x48Rmm Sauer
8x51mm & 8x51Rmm Mauser
8x57Rmm (360) based on 9.3x72Rmm,
not a 8x57mm Mauser
8x54mm Krag-Jorgensen
8x64mmJ & 8x64mmS Brenneke
8x58Rmm Sauer
8x60mm Mauser & RWS J, JS, JR, JSR or JRS
8x75mmS & 8x75RmmS (Germany) (.323")
8x71mm Peterlongo
8x64mmS RWS
8x65RmmJ & 8x65RmmS Brenneke
8x75mm & 8x75Rmm (Germany) (.318")
9x57Rmm Mauser (Rimmed)
8x72Rmm Sauer, Jugdewehr, 8x72R/0.360"
9x56mm Mannlicher-Schoenauser
8x68mmS RWS
9x70Rmm Mauser
9.3x53mm & 9.3x53Rmm Swiss
9.3x65R Collath
9x71 Peterlongo
9.3x64mm Brenneke
9.5x73mm Miller-Greiss Magnum
9.3x57mm Mauser
9.5x57mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer (9.5x56mm MS)
9.3x66mm Sako
9.3x72Rmm Sauer
10.25x69Rmm Hunting Express
10.3x65Rmm Banziger
10.5x47Rmm (Rimmed)
10.75x57mm Mannlicher
10.75x63mm Mauser (Rimless)
11.2x60mm Schuler & 11.2x60mm Mauser
10.8x47Rmm Martini B.P. (Target)
10.75x73mm (404 NitroExpress, 404Jeffery)
10.75x65Rmm Collath (Rimmed)
10.75x68mm Mauser
12.17x44Rmm (Remington M67) aslo
called 12x42Rmm Swedish Remington CF
11.2x72mm Schuler & 11.2x72mm Mauser
Below is a list of European Cartridges, the items in yellow are or (were) in stock,
the others are not in stock and we are looking to buy.
mm = Rimless and Rmm = Rimmed (some calibers have both)
If you have some, we may buy them, click here to e-mail us: info@ammo-one.com
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