Deactivation is $ 1.50 per cartridge for neutralizing
the primer and drilling the case or pulling the projectile.
Just add to cart and change the amount (1) to the number of
   cartridges you're buying and click on 'update cart'.
YOU MUST,  let us know in writing how you wish to have us deativate
Center-fire ammunition, pull the bullet or  drill the case
Some cartridges must be drilled.
Tracer cartridges cost twice the amount as we have to  pull the bullet
and drill the tracer.
please e-mail us at:
Deactivating Ammunition
For our customers who do not want live ammunition, we offer a deactivating service.
Note: Customers in California and New York, we can ship you deactivated ammunition directly, however live to FFL only.
Due to issues with shipping, we no longer ship outside the 48 lower continuous states of the United States. "Lower 48"
HOWEVER, we can deactivate ammunition and ship by UPS to the 48 lower continuous states of the United States.
To deactivate ammunition we drill the case, empty the powder and oil the primer, please note.
No returns on deactivated
We can also pull the bullet and empty the powder on most cartridges accept the larger cartridges, but we do not guarantee
you will be able to put the bullet back in the case and no returns on deactivated cartridges.