.36 Caliber and .44 Caliber Combustible
Paper Cartridges
.36 Caliber
.44 Caliber
                                              History of the Paper Combustible Cartridge:
Back in the day (1850's) Colt patterned the "Combustible Paper Cartridge" in 1855 for both rifle and
pistol firearms.  
They  were used to replace the 4 step process of musket loading (loading the black powder, then  
wadding, then the ball and wax) into the simpler, faster way of loading the one step cartridge,
but still able to use the same firearm  (a major cost savings for countries at war, i.e., the Civil War).
The paper combustibles were a huge advantage, but short lived.  In the early to mid-1860's, during
the Civil War years, the copper, then brass cartridge was developed and became available first in
the rimfire patent, then in centerfire.
We at www.ammo-one.com normally will not deal in older paper cartridges as there are many
reproductions and fakes on the marketplace.
                           .36 Caliber
● Six (6) cartridges to box*                   
●.375” Hornady lead ball                       
● 12 grains fffg black powder                
●Boxed with a duplicate of one of   
three original makers’ labels
                          .44 Caliber
● Six (6) cartridges to packet*
●.454” Hornady lead ball
● 28 grains fffg black powder
●Heavy lacquer treated kraft paper packet with a
duplicate of one of  three original makers’ labels,
tied cotton string.
Each cartridge is hand rolled. The tapered end drops into the cylinder easily, seats firmly,
combusts completely leaving < 4% ash residue. Speeds loading by up to 50%!
●  Proprietary rice paper treated with potassium nitrate solution
●  Seams sealed & ball seated with sodium silicate (“water glass”)
* boxes / packets do not include percussion caps.
                                                     Reproduction cartridges for sale below
For collectors, Civil War enthusiasts, and all Colt~Remington Uberti, ~Pietta, etc. reproduction cap and ball revolver
shooters. These fully functional and accurate combustible paper cartridges are facsimiles of the original cartridges
and packets issue during the Civil War
we also have available a brief history of paper cartridges at the bottom of this page.