New Colt Head-Stamped Cartridges
Colt started contracting with Barnaul of Russia in or around 2013 to make ammunition, the rifle calibers below are from
that contract - steel case with nickel wash. Sometime later, around mid-2013, Colt contracted with Black Hills Ammunition
Company of the USA; however, Black hills said they are not producing the ammunition. The pistol cases are produced by
GBW Cartridge in Florida, but at this writing we are not sure who is producing the new pistol ammunition in the USA.  
There was some early pistol by Barnaul with steel cases, but that seems to be gone now from distribution and was
replaced with brass cases, made in the USA. Feel free to enlighten me if you get more information.
Currently as of this day, 11/16/16,
the following cartridges are available
with a Colt" head-stamp on the
In Pistol,
all Solid Copper Hollow Point
Projectiles and brass cases: .380
Auto,  9mm Luger, 10mm Auto,
.40 Smith & Wesson, 45 Auto.
In Rifle:
all with FMJ (Full Metal Jacketed)
with a nickel plated steel case: .223
Remington, .308 Winchester, and
All 7 Cartridges available
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