Buying information Page
If your a seller we maybe buying ?
We normally do not buy collections of single cartridges as it takes a long time to check the
condition of each cartridge and add to our stock; however, if you have some very hard to find
items, we may be interested in some or all of the cartridges, so it's best to tell us what you have
by e-mail.

We buy current production ammunition by the box from  wholesalers at wholesale prices,
so we are not very interested in new ammunition unless it is at a very good price and in new
condition.  We average 5 to 10 e-mails a day from people offering to sell ammunition, so
please remember that our time, like your time, is worth money and valuable to us. If you're
just looking for a value and not really interested in selling, please don't waste your time, as we
do not make offers, or free appraisals.  You're the seller, you set your asking price.  If it is
realitic and we need the item, we will reply to your e-mail offer.

If you're a real seller and want to sell us, please:  (a) title your e-mail " SELLING AMMO"
in case your e-mail goes to our spam mail we will see the title, (b) list the items you have
available by caliber, type (rim-fire or center fire), brand (Winchester, Remington etc.).
Condition ofammunition is most important. Pictures help.

Once we have worked out a price (delivered to us at 04084) and after we receive the items,
we will inspect them the same day and mail you a company check on the next day. We do not
send you payment before we receive the product. No acceptions.  If the items are not as you
described, we will e-mail you a shopping cart to pay for the cost to ship them back to you.

If you're still interested in selling us, please click below and remember to title your e-mail
"SELLING AMMO". Please click here:
Please remember we do not pay retail.  We sell at retail and need to make a profit.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.