British Cartridges
500 Nitro Express
Very early 1900's Eley 500 Nitro Express
with Cordite Powder
and  570 Grain Nickel Solid Projectile
Older Kynoch, loaded with cordite
570 Grain Soft Point ,  with 3
factory projectile crimps on case
per  Cartridge
New, Hornady, loaded with smoker-
less powder and 570 Grain Solid
Full Metal Jacketed Projectile
per Cartridge
The 500 Nitro Express was introduced in 1890 and was filled with Cordite Smokeless Powder and was
derived from the 500 Express BPE "Straight". BPE  means  Black Powder Express.
*Cordite was invented in 1889 and was used in Military Cartridges and then British Sporting
Cartridges starting in 1890. Cordite looks like thin red spaghetti and was later replaced in early
1900's by modern day smokeless gunpowder.