African Rifles & Cartridges
Book 078
In AFRICAN RIFLES AND CARTRIDGES, by John Taylor takes up the modern and
powerful British, German and American big game rifles and cartridges and, one by one, tells
all about them. And he is fully qualified to do so, as he has used them all in his several decades
of professional hunting. Doubles, magazines and single-shots, he can and does tell of the virtues
and faults of each. He tells of the practical value of steel jacketed bullets versus those covered
with cupronickel; he points out the faults of copper-tubed bullets: he shows the actual effect of
soft-point bullets with varying degrees of lead exposure; he explains the necessity of modern
bullets that will really stand up to the requirements when fired into heavy animals; as well as
numberless other tips and explanations about cartridges and rifles. Here is
of a degree unknown heretofore to American hunters; information that can be profitably
in the hunting of American big game.
Supplementing all this practical application of ballistics is a wealth of information on the actual
hunting of all African game; the habits of many species; together with instruction on the
practical handling and shooting of the different rifles under discussion.
Gun building
stocking, weight, balance and fit are fully discussed, as well as the true worth of the many
accessories and gadgets. Sighting arrangements are all here; the author is a strong advocate of
modern telescopic sights and he uses them whenever possible, even when hunting the most
dangerous game. One outstanding chapter is
"Marksmanship in the Bush," a positively
unique exposition of the practical application of one's shooting ability when faced with the real
test in the hunting field.
The factual, thoroughly researched text which relates to the multitude of weapons covered
within the scope of the volume is superbly supplemented by hundreds of exceptionally precise
illustrations which graphically depict the important details of the arms and their variations as
Nearly 700 illustrations in all, exceed anything of the kind ever attempted, and
provide one of the most important features of the work. For the first time ever, for instance,
each lock plate marking variation known is depicted and described, including many which have
been overlooked  by early authorities.
Perspective drawings of all breech loading arms produced for the armed forces between
1816 and 1865 show the operation of each to its best advantage, while overall views of every
arm described include major and minor variations. The diverse array of firearms manufactured
during that exciting half-century-flintlock to repeater-are covered in detail. Among these will
be found a substantial number which have rarely, if ever, been discussed in earlier
writings-variations virtually unknown today to any but the most advanced collectors.
This outstanding work is supported by a string of technical illustrations, especially prepared
and as original as the text they clarify. The many cartridges, their components, and the various
methods of ammunition assembly employed by gun-makers of different countries are all clearly
shown in full-scale detail and by a new method of depiction, one you will clearly understand
and appreciate.
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By John Taylor
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