416 Taylor
Proprietary  Cartridge Section
per cartridge
Pictured on the Left are
the cartridges available
for sale.
Produced by
Norma of Sweden
and loaded  with a
nickel plated copper
(Solid) projectile.
Limited 3 per customer
The 416 Taylor was developed and introduced in 1972 by Robert Chatfield-Taylor.
Based on the 458 Winchester Magnum case necked down to 416 caliber or by the necked
up 338 Winchester Magnum case, depending on how you wish to look at it.
This cartridge will handle any animal on Earth with a 375 grain projectile traveling at 2,350 Feet per
second and a energy over 4,700 foot pounds per square inch.
The now closed A-Square Company use to make this cartridge, but currently made by Norma.