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.338 Excalibur
The 338 Excalibur was introduced in
1994 by the A-Square Company in an
effort to get a 200 grain .338" caliber
projectile above the 3,500 feet per second
barrier, without exceeding the
60,000 foot pound pressure limits.
A-Square had exceeded the 3,500
feet per second barrier for a 180 grain
projectile in .308 caliber with the .300
Pegasus cartridge a few months earlier,
and design the 338 Excalibur by using a  
necked up 300 Pegasus cartridge.
It worked! the cartridge is very long and
requires a specialized rifle action.
These specimens have  250 grain Nosler
Partition projectiles, by Quality Cartridge
Company with
$ 12.95 per
.338 Excalibur
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