9x25mm Dillon or 10mm to 9mm Wildcat
Current Pistol & Proprietary Section
The 9x25mm Dillon was designed by Randy Shelley at Dillon Precision Products Inc. & introduced by Dillon in 1988,
basically by necking down a 10mm auto case to except 9mm projectiles.
Up until 2007 it was a wildcat cartridge and was only available by buying the die set from Dillon and making your own
9x25mm Wildcat cases from 10mm Auto cases.
The 10mm does 1,250 F.P.S. with a 155 grain projectile, but the 9x25mm can do 2,000 F.P.S.with a 95 grain projectile
with almost the same energy, app. 530 Foot Pounds.
You can shoot this cartridge by replacing the barrel in your 10mm semi-auto pistol.