Current Pistol Cartridge Sections
9x21mm or 9x21mm IMI
9x21 or 9x21mm IMI  
New production by Fiocchi
NEW BRASS! Non-Corrosive, Boxer primed,
123 grain "Truncated" F.M.J.
In many liberal countries; Italy, Mexico, etc., do not allow private citizens to own semi-automatic pistols chambered in
military calibers, such as 9x19mm Luger. For this reason the 9x21mm IMI was introduced in 1980 by Franco Benvenuti
agency of Italy with the help of the Israel Military Industries with a case 2mm longer then the 9x19 Luger, but a "truncated
-cone" blunt projectile, set deep into the case to keep the over-all-length of the cartridge the same as the 9x19mm Luger.
This way firearm makers could use the same clips and barrels as the 9x19mm but call the firearm by a different caliber;
"9x21mm" to keep it legal. (Same power as the 9x19mm Luger.)