The 9.8mm Colt Automatic
cartridge was made by Winchester
in 1910.
Colt had been trying to get into
the European marketplace with
their automatic pistol and it seems
the Europeans wanted something
more powerful then the current
.38 Auto at the time.
Eugene Reising, who then worked
at Colt, came up with a slightly
larger pistol and this special
cartridge which was demonstrated
and tested by the Rumanian
government, but apparently it
went no further.
The gun is currently at the
Springfield Armory Museum,
Unheadstamped with a copper
primer with the letter “W�
stamped on it.
A very scare cartridge!
Note the unusual case swelling.
Minor dark spots.
$ 59.50 per
9.8 Colt
Experimental / Prototype   
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