9mm S&W Caseless
I received this information from a relative of a
worker in the EXPLO factory (who purchased the projectiles) in Lorena, Brazil. I
have edited his story below:
" In the 1960s, when Bangor Punta Group owned S&W, the S&W president
discovered an individual in Austria who was making caseless ammunition with
allegedly good results. After a trip to the inventor*s home in Austria, the president of
S&W saw the samples of caseless ammunition and asked where the inventor made it.
The inventor told to the president that "it was made in the kitchen and it has
exploded twice!" After lengthy discussions, the president of S&W contracted the
inventor for $10,000 to work on this
secret caseless ammunition project in Brazil, where the Bangor Punta Group owned
an old explosive factory called EXPLO in Lorena which had labs and facilities to help
develop the project yet still keep it secret.
The identity of the inventor and his presence was unknown to the persons working in
the factory; very few had contact with him and, it is believed, only three or four
persons spoke German at that time. This is why so few people knew of the project
and what was going on
in the labs. Some factory workers learned that two calibers were developed - 9mm
and 22 LR. The cartridge had a charge made up of a compressed nitrocellulose jelled
powder mixture which was attached to a stub projecting from the base of the
projectile. The 9mm projectile was made by CBC, who, at that time, was the only
source for bullets in Brazil
and modified in the EXPLO factory to accept the charge. They pressed the lead core
it formed a central stub; the propellent was pressed around the stub.
The cartridge was being designed for a submachine gun tested and named the "Smith
& Wesson." The caseless cartridge was fired by electrical ignition; one of the factory
workers reported that the machine gun fired well. The working model was shown only
in the USA - never in Brazil.
The worker really didn't know exactly what happened, but S&W lost interest in this
weapon. The Bangor Punta group divested itself of S&W in the USA and sold
a Portuguese group, ending the project. The mystery inventor returned to Austria
and nobody knows what happened to him. No information was left in the factory, and
only items remaining were some samples of the bullets in 9mm and very few in 22 LR
projectiles. I have read that others theorize that it was not a successful, working,
invention and was just scrapped. "
The projectile here, came from this 1960s project at the Brazilian EXPLO factory.
Projectile only not the complete case.
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