Navy Seals, SOF, 9mm Subsonic
Below is the story behind this ammunition; it is next to impossible to officially verify.
I have been told by people who should know that it is correct, so please be open
minded.  I believe it is true, but you will have to decide for yourself.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This ammunition came from a special run produced for the U.S. Navy Seals
Special Operations Forces (SOF) by Fiocchi; however, the Department of the Navy
decided not to purchase the complete run and Fiocchi was forced to wholesale the
remainder (in the USA) to a few gun distributors. Made for other NATO countires
also.  As the boxes have no UPC codes, the boxes could not be sold to regular
retailers. I was lucky enough to purchase a few boxes from one of those wholesalers.
Subsonic ammunition was most likely used in the HK, MP5A3 machine gun and other
9mm firearms for practice or covert operations that require quiet operations.
Notes of
interest below:
158.7 grain (on my scale), Non-Magnetic, FMJ, Projectile
On the head stamp: No "9mm" but has NATO (Cross in Circle),  and "05"
(I assume 05 = 2005 production date of base cases) and the normal
G.F.L." for Fiocchi Munizioni S.P.I .and heavy blue sealant on crimped primer.
The only printing on the box is on the top (see picture below) and no projectile
weight is stated and no UPC code.  Also, on the inside of one flap are the numbers
45 03002-C395; I have no idea what this would mean at this time.
$ 59.95 per Box of 50
Limit One Box
$ 2.00 per Cartridge
Limit One cartridge
Out of Stock on Boxes