9x19mm Luger Section
Military Section
9x19mm PTP /s (German Police 9mm+P)
Manufactured by MEN of Germany, this cartridge is  9mmx19 luger +P high velocity
ammunition and has a 91 grain, solid brass, internal, hollow point, and is completely lead free
with a boxer primer that has a dark red primer sealant.
Projectile is similar to the barrier projectiles of other calibers.
It has a velocity of 1,378 feet per second, and is considered one of the best 9mm Luger
ammunition manufactured today.
It is extremely accurate, with low deflection and high penetration.
The Head Stamp reads:
"9x19SR MEN09A0532" Limited Supply.
$2.95 per cartridge
$69.95 per box of 50
limit one box