The 9mm Federal Rimmed  Cartridge was introduced in 1989 for the Charter Arms Pit Bull Revolver Pistol.
The 9mm Federal is a rimmed version of the 9mm  Luger.
Not long after the introduction of the pistol and ammunition, Charter Arms went out of business, and
as no other manufacturer produced the revolver pistol, Federal Cartridge Company soon stopped producing
the cartridge, making it an obsolete item.
You can "NOT" use moon-clips in this revolver to fire regular 9mm Luger rimless cartridges.
This cartridge has been obsolete for over to 25 years.
Do not buy this ammunition to use in any other firearm other the
Charter Arms Pit Bull Revolver Pistol, chambered in 9mm Federal
Rimmed, it is to high pressure to use in other firearms.
or as a collectible single cartridge
9mm Federal Rimmed
Obsolete Single Pistol Cartridge Section
The only maker of this cartridge
was Federal Cartridge Company.
Obsolete for over 25 years,
no longer made!
The loading was the Nickel Plated
Brass cases, with 115 Grain Copper
Jacketed Hollow Point
$2.75 per Cartridge
Special, due to special
purchase: $99.95 for Box of
50 Cartridges. Maximum
order is 2 Boxes per Customer
$59.95 for 25 Cartridges.
Maximum order is 2 Boxes
(100 cartridges) per Customer
$1.999 per
$2.398 per