$ 4.49 per Cartridge              
for 10 cartridges             
Maximum order 10 per customer
Obsolete Pistol Cartridges
9mm Bayard Long , or 9mm Bergmann-Bayard Long
The 9mm Bayard, (9mm, Bayard Long) or
(9mm Bergmann-Bayard Long ) was introduced
in 1910 for the Model 1910 Bergmann-Bayard
semi-automatic pistol of Denmark.
Later other pistols like the Astra Model 400, and
even Colts were chambered in this caliber.
It was used in the Danish and Spanish Military.
$4.99 per Cartridge
Product available below
and pictured on the left
was produced by
Midway Arms Inc.
in the later 1990s.
Note the factory 3 dot
projectile crimp on case.
Firearm Owner Special
Model 1910