9mm Browning Long
Current & Obsolete Pistol Cartridge Section
History of the cartridge: The 9mm Browning Long was introduced in 1903 for the Model 1903 FN Browning
semi-auto pistol and used in the Swedish military starting in 1907, until the end of world War II.
This cartridge was also used in Webley & Scott and Le Francais pistols, but was replaced by the more
modern .380 Auto and 9x19 Luger calibers.
Velocity up to 1,100 feet per second., energy up to 300 foot pounds per square inch.
Shooters please note: The 9mm Browning Long has a case length of 20.3mm, it will not chamber in a
common a 9x19mm Luger! Not for the 9mm or  9x19mm Luger pistols.