9.3x72Rmm (Rimmed)
This is one of app. 16 different calibers made as early as the 1890's by German manufacturers; which where based on
the English 360 BPE (Black powder Express) cartridge.
This cartridge has a over-all-length of 84mm and the others variations will vary from 36mm to 85 mm in over-all-length,
as well as a few varying in width.
This 9.3x72Rmm, rimmed cartridge has a 9.3mm or .366" diameter projectile and a 72mm long case with an over
all cartridge length of 84mm or 3.3". Most all are used in the fine German drilling rifles.
Sporting Cartridges
$ 9.95 per Cartridge
Limit One Cartridge
per Customer
Produced by DWM;
(Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken)
of Germany.
193 grain Jacketed,
Nickel Plated,
Soft Point Projectile
Brass Case
( K   DWM  X  9.3x72R )
Head Stamp
not the 9.3x74Rmm & not the 9.3x72Rmm Sauer