Military & Sporting Rifle Cartridge
8x57mmJS Mauser
The Mauser 8x57JS cartridge (with .323" Diameter projectile and rimless case) were used in the
German Military bolt-action rifle starting in 1905, this new rifle (new in 1905) replaced the old
rifles using the 8x57mmJ cartridge which used a
.318" diameter projectile.
Below are cartridges available in 8x57mmJS which again, used a
.323" diameter projectile.
You should not use a 8x57mmJS (.323") in a rifle that used a 8x57mmJ (.318") projectile.  
Two available specimens of 8x57mmJS (.323") below.
1943 Turkey Military Production
$4.95 per cartridge
Limit One Cartridge
per Custome
.323" Diameter Projectile
Rimless Case
Early 1943 production with Star & Moon
Crescent between T and C and primer has
black, purplish, color sealant.
Magnetic, FMJ, Projecvtile
LIMITED, One Cartridge per Customer
Current New Production
New, Non-Corrosive, "Match Grade" 200 Grain,
FMJBT, Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail Projectile
$ 2.50 per cartridge, No Limit
$ 35.00 per box of 20 cartridges
$ 32.50 per box of 20 cartridges
when you by 2 boxes
$ 29.95 per box of 20 cartridges
when you by 3 boxes