Military & Sporting Rifle Cartridge
8x57mmJ Mauser
The German 8x57mmJ Mauser, a rimless cartridge, was introduced in 1888 with a
.318" diameter projectile for the German Military.
The German Military change their rifles to a "JS" to handle a .323" diameter projectile in 1905.
Below are "J", .318" diameter cartridges, still manufactured today, you can fire a "J" (.318") cartridge in a
"JS" (.323) rifle, however you should not shot a "JS" (.323") cartridge in a "J" (.318") rifle.  
8x57mmJ Mauser
by Remington Arms Company
Rimless Case and
.318" diameter, 170 grain
$2.75 per Cartridge
Rimless Case
.318" Diameter Projectile