8mm Lebel Revolver Cartridges
Not the 8mm Lebel Rifle Cartridge
2005 production
New Brass, Non-Corrosive
50 rounds per box, 111 grain
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
Current & obsolete Pistol Cartridge Section
The 8mm Lebel Revolver was introduced
in 1892 for the double-action, 6 shot,
French  Ordnance 1892 Revolver.
$4.95 per cartridge
Maximum order is 10 cartridges
please note our minimum order
is $35.00 plus UPS shipping
We are almost out.
This cartridge is no longer available in the
U.S.A. and can only be bought on the
secondary market. Prices have gone up due
to this and very small amounts available.
If it becomes available at lower prices again
we will be glad to e-mail you.
e-mail us at info@ammo-one.com