Secret Service Sniper Cartridge
by Federal Corp: "FCOTB"
Federal Cartridge Company produced this cartridge in 1980 solely for the
United States Secret Service.
The head stamp "FCOTB  80" stands for "Federal Cartridge Officer
Training Beltsville, Maryland" and the 80 stands for 1980.
There is no caliber identification on the box or cartridge head stamp, as is
normal for most SOF (Special Operation Forces).
This cartridge was produced for a very limited time as it was replaced with the 300
Winchester Magnum. (VERY LIMITED)
$ 24.95 per Cartridge
Military Special Purpose
"Federal Cartridge Officer Training Beltsville, Maryland"
$ 34.95 for One Cartridge
and One Empty Box
box not mint but reads
FCOTB on one side
Please note, in the small left
photo (left cartridge is the
Federal with the 168 grain
hollow point
projectile: right cartridge is a
Remington 7mm Magnum).
We have sold these cartridges
for $49.95 each in the past,
but due to a special purchase
we can cut that cost in 1/2!