Pistol Cartridge Section
European .320" or 7mm Pistol Blank
320 (.320") or 7mm Pistol Center Fire Blank
by RWS of  Germany, with a “RWS
.320" Head-Stamp.
The History of the .320 or 7mm Pistol cartridge:  
The .320 Revolver cartridge introduced around early 1870's in England for the  Webley
revolver, and later for other company’s revolvers. It  was also manufactured in the United
States and Europe  but has been obsolete sine the late 1920, accept for special runs
Blank Cartridges:
WARNING, Blank cartridges are not dummy cartridges, and they can KILL at close
They have a primer and powder, but no projectile, they are sometimes filled with paper,
cardboard, plastic, other matter or crimped case to hold in the powder.
But when they go off the shock wave (pressure force) is another to kill at close range.
Blanks are use in movies, funerals, starter pistols for races, rifle grenade launchers, nail
drivers and other uses.