Obsolete Pistol Cartridge Section
                           7.65 French MAS, "not the 7.65 Luger or 7.65 Browning"
The 7.65 French MAS (not to be confused with the 7.65 Luger or 7.65 Browning) was introduce around
1935 for the French Model 1935A Automatic Pistol and 1938 French Submachine Gun. Some cartridges produced
before 1935 were know as Model 1925 probably used for experimental use leading to the 1935A weapon.
The cartridge short lived and was replaced with 9mm Luger around 1950.   
Other names for this cartridge are 7.65 Longue and 7.65 MAS Auto.
The projectile is basically a 30 Caliber (.308"-.309") Case Rim (.334"-.335") Case Length (.773" - .776")  
To the left, new
production 7.65 French
MAS, produced from
new Starline .32 S& W
Long cases by reducing
the rim diameter, case
forming and shorting the
case .